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Deaf volunteer in Guatemala - Karolína Hyklová

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In May, a friend of mine on the project "Break your barriers in France", which could participate through FRPSP. The aim of this project was to break the barrier between hearing and deaf people. There was very happy, it's brought new experiences and friends. Another ongoing project called "Break your barriers II."

I was in Estonia in the summer, the first week in July. Much she wanted to go to Estonia, but unfortunately it overlapped with its plans. She offered it to me and I knew that I can’t  refuse. The project was in the first week in July. Attended the European countries (Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal). One day there was discussion about the projects. Came the theme of "Project EVS '(voluntary service), those people who were on the forums, so ten of them had experience with EVS project. They said their experiences, where and how you experienced. We recommend that everyone will have a chance to be in the EVS project, so that we should definitely take advantage. I'm thrilled. I wanted and I thought that I once wanted to experience.
My friend also had such experiences (annual stay in Sweden, the EVS project, the main organizer Eva Peterkova). Mrs. Peterková offered my friend a two-month stay in Guatemala, during the stay in Estonia. He due to his profession could not go there, so it offered me.
I had only 3 weeks that I decided that yes or no, because buying a ticket, vaccinations, etc.
When we went back to CR after one-week stay in Estonia, so I met with the chief coordinator Jiri Peterka. He gave me different information about the EVS project and the project was in Guatemala, Central America. I shall reimburse 10% of total tickets. Vaccinations I was free, I got 100 euros as pocket money, I arranged for insurance and other important things.
Before that I was a great way to much looking forward to finally look farther than ever before in Europe. As the departure date approached, I began to worry. Mainly from the fact that there were all volunteers, and hearing me as the only deaf to the brittle English. (Last time I was 3 years before the English had in high school).
For the first time in my life like that somewhere she flew to Brussels, where we met with the girls, who also flew to Guatemala, on the same project. So we were four volunteers. The first communication took place so that we wrote over the phone and showed it to each other.
The journey lasted two days. We landed in the city of Quetzaltenango, the second largest city in Guatemala. The first weekend we recognized their culture, traveled on trips. The first weekend I was all alone, continued communication via mobile phone.
Coordinator Pedro invited us one evening in the clubhouse, everybody should take a laptop and have installed Skype, and we chatted over it. He proposed that, to begin to communicate together. I thought the finger alphabet and learn international sign system. As is known, "Domluvíš hands, feet." I held the proverb.
The girls were thrilled to learn something new and much sought. Perfectly learned how to finger alphabet and sign international system, and since we perfectly understand. Could we even talk about deeper things. When we need an hour waiting for the bus, so I asked the girls how to say this and that in sign language and I would give them hours of sign language J.
The first week we were learning Spanish, because in Guatemala to speak Spanish. (I had it in writing first in English and then Spanish).
Two girls volunteered to work with people who did the weaving and learned how to do it. Another one of the girls taught English to the deaf school and I taught in deaf schools. I had to learn sign language and Guatemalan.
Girls had previously arranged what they do in Guatemala, I did not know until the last moment what I do, so I went to school for an interview and there just told me that I can help the deaf school.
My working hours were from 8 - 13hod, I was in 1st class with deaf teacher. At first there were problems with their sign language was completely different. It helped me very much an American teacher. That's all translated into English and I understood what was going on. Within three weeks I could well Guatemalan sign language.
My job was that my teacher gave what tasks to do with children in school. I helped them notch images, correcting homework, tests, and I repaired I taught math, etc.
At first it was difficult to get children and they trust me. But when we recognize more, we felt as one big family. I learned is to take pictures, they did not know there, so for them it was a cool thing.
Children in school uniforms walking in, and to exercise the same tracksuits. Children are divided into classes according to intelligence. For example. In the first class was a pupil, who was 15 years and another 8 years. Children are from different families. The nation is divided on Latin America and the Mayans. People from Latin America are "richer", Mayans are poor. In the first class was one student who was very poor, he cursed the teacher would not let him into the second class, if you will not have stationery to school. For it to collect points when they had enough to go to the next class. I felt sorry for this student, I bought all that was needed and was very very happy that he can go to the 2nd class. As we were closer, so I did not have room, and always wanted to be still with me J. I just did not teach the kids, but they've - I repaired the Guatemalan sign language.
Had closer together with children and it was the end of the two-month stay in Guatemala. The children gave me a letter in memory of thanksgiving that I worked for them and helped them.

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