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Diversity Day in Luxembourg


Chilean, British, Polish, Czech, Guatemalan, Dominican, Luxembourg, all of us living in one world, one knows that similar difficulties and seeking solutions to large scales. The seminar “Together” in Chile, with the important exchanges between participants that it has provoked, made me understand the need to act together and to be open to ideas from all around the world.


After consultations with my new “Together” friends and thanks to the insights gained at the seminar, I made the decision to organise a local project, in Luxembourg, that highlights the International Day of Cultural Diversity. With the collaboration of the Youth House of Leudelange, various activities were proposed during the day on May 21, 2011.

Initially the choice was made to present to the young participants the Mapuche people. This approach has be done by various ways. An exhibition, realised with the collaboration of some of the young participants, was presented and was an important tool for various questions and answers during the workshops. This exhibition featured the Mapuche culture and the current difficulties faced by the people.

Simultaneously with this exhibition, young participants and the team of the structure prepared a specialty of the Mapuche cuisine and enjoyed this meal while watching a movie, shown on a large projector, showing the Mapuche territory, and introducing young people in the traditional music of the Mapuche people. The presentation of the Mapuche people has enabled young people to understand the difficulties faced by individual people in the world and especially to consider the importance of respect and acceptance of different cultures in a community. Various pamphlets and books have been made available by the House of Europe in Luxembourg, and allowed young people to realize that in Europe some people also experience exclusion and non-compliance in culture.

And a final workshop on Cultural Diversity was held at the end of the day, in the form of a brainstorming about the subject, allowing to close this project with a real reflection and exchange between the participants participants.

By Skrijelj Edvard

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