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The Czech group and its flood of many thoughts!

Our great Czech Be In group met for the second time on June 20th. After several welcoming and relaxing moments came quite a big critique from our leader Ondra. But at that moment I realized how important critique is! It’s true that not all of us worked properly on the tasks that we had agreed on during our first meeting. If we didn’t do our work on time, we couldn’t move forward and make our Be In campaign successful. That’s quite simple. Finally, we clarified what each of us should do and what individual role should be.

Luckily, the second part of our meeting was definitely in a better atmosphere. We have enthusiastically started to plan our big project. There were many ideas from each of us including topics such as environmental threats and energy security, the media’s impact on society and revolutions in the Arab world. Then we had to discuss in which form - seminar, conference, exchange, workshop - we wanted to make it. However, the questions that are still open are: how long should the project take, who can participate, the place, the time, etc. Believe me, it was not easy to agree and we had to vote about each point. Nevertheless, I am glad that all of us could show his/her argumentation skills and to stand behind ones own opinion.

Finally, we discussed the time of our next meeting and how it would work during the holidays when almost everyone is away. Even though it was not so easy to agree on some points, we are all of one mind; that we are really looking forward to the Be In meeting in Metz where we will meet active young people from the whole of Europe!

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