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Be IN Campaign

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23 countries + 18 months + 40 000 young people = EUROPEAN TOGETHER

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The project European Together brought together youth organizations and young people from 23 countries of Europe to develop ambitious European youth information and reaching out campaign. The teams involved in the campaign chose the name for it BE IN to make it sound in a more attractive way, and what also lets to play on words BE INvolved, BE INformed, BE INspired, BE INternational and so on.

The campaign encourages youth participation in public affairs, promotes European citizenship, cultural diversity, volunteering and international mobility and informs young people about the Youth in Action programme and other opportunities to participate.

The project aims to increase the access of young people, particularly those with fewer opportunities, to quality information.

Youth Entrepreneurial Idea

podjetniska-logoThe project "Youth Entrepreneurial Idea" has a clearly defined topic, in which young people through the institution will develop entrepreneurship creativity and contribute to added value for local and wider surroundings. The theme of the project comes from entrepreneurship, which means working to maximize its financial success at risk. It provides young people the exercise of winning factor in the market. The project consists of five parts, which aims to initiate a creative process that would lead also to innovation among young people. The entire project will take eight months.

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Regional Meeting About The Millennium Goals

b1The ASC Estratos, organized the regional meeting about the millennium goals. On this meeting we were around one hundred and fifty people and we do some activities related with the goals.

In the meeting we had some conferences with experts who know about the different goals. One of these was about the environment, after that conference, we do some activities related with this.

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ACTA: Myths and Facts

IMG_8756uYoung people from civic association Ad hoc have organized open discussion for youth from Slovakia. The topic of discussion was very controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which forced many people to organize protests and demonstrations all over the world. The project was realized under the international campaign BE IN. 

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Volunteering life helps your community

volunteering1Our training course “Volunteering life helps your community” took place in a beautiful Lefkada where we were staying for 8 working days. Participating countries were: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

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Clean Up The Coast Line Of Iceland.

DSCF8547Veraldarvinir's Clean Up the Coastline (CUC) project aims to clean the beaches of Iceland within five years by collecting waste in collaboration with international volunteers, school children, students, youth and environmental organizations and companies.

Veraldarvinir gets support for its Clean Up the Coastline project by the Ministry of Environment, the Farmers Association, the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland, the University of Iceland and the international organization Clean Up the World. Clean Up the World

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ASC Estratos

6Socio Cultural Association Estratos (ASC Estratos) is a NGO located in Cuenca (Spain). It was founded in 1997 by young people with the aim to work in leisure and free time field and in nature context.

In these 15 years we have developed different activities joining non-formal education, sports, youth initiatives, volunteering and entrepreneurship.

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