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Philosophy of the network

Aenean Donec gravida hendrerit

Europe is becoming a living and belonging reality for many Europeans. The enlargement of EU... in 2004 means more and new mobility and learning perspectives for the people of the "new member" countries. Today's Europe offers numerous mobility and learning opportunities for young people as well as for adults.



The EU offers tools and resources for international cooperation in different fields and puts its priority on developing active and participative civil society and cross European sustainable partnerships. Together believes in such principles and moreover it believes that by supporting people in making their own - free conclusions related to world affairs, by allowing people to stand behind their believes and values does not have to mean rejecting the values of others.

Using the opportunities for international mobility we wish to strengthen the appreciation of diversities in the large Europe concept and we try to support people in discovering other cultures and lifestyles and thus enriching their personal and professional developments. To follow these ideas we cooperate with many partners that share the same or similar thinking and who are active in the field of youth work and/or civil society development. We are open to new partnerships and thereby we wish to facilitate continuous exchange of experience, know-how and development of projects for variety of targets on local, national and international level.

Although the target groups of our projects vary, our focus is put on projects targeting young people, considering their role as builders of the future societies. Whatever project we do is based on active participation of its' target group from developing the idea up to the realization and evaluation of the projects. We believe equal partnership and projects ownership by its participants determines the success of the projects and its potential follow up activities. Working with people of different cultures and age groups is a motivating and exciting experience thanks to which one is able to shape personal view and life attitudes.

Information and experience exchanges between professionals from youth work and the civil society development areas represent an extra-ordinary richness for each everyone involved, as well for the association or group s/he is representing. Together represents very open working approach. We wish to facilitate cross-sector cooperation and therefore welcome variety of types and profiles of organizations to participate in our projects.

The openness is already represented within the composition of the Board of Together where one finds the experts in the fields of social and youth work, small and medium entrepreneurships, the civil service, the banking as well as field of art and culture. The principle behind the composition of the Board is to bring together people from different professional and educational backgrounds.

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