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Youth4 Europe: An ABC to Youth Participation


This project brings together participant from France, Portugal, Malta, Italy and will give the chance to almost 50 young people to participate in a complex and coherent self-development programme and become “participation ambassadors”.

The programme for the ambassadors will encompass international peer education meetings, facilitating a local youth forum in another country, coaching and support activities and implementation of their own participation activity.

First, young people will participate in one of the three international peer education meetings (organised in Malta, Italy and Portugal). These short meetings will give young people a chance to come up with their own innovative, creative ideas and concept for youth participation. It will be a chance for them to share experience, learn new skills and develop their competences necessary for promotion of participation.

In the end of the meeting, there will be a local youth forum. The participation ambassadors will have the role of facilitators at these local youth forums. This will be integral part of the meeting so that they can use their newly acquired knowledge in practice. At the same time, it will be a unique peer learning concept as the youth forums will be led by young people for young people and with an international dimension.

Objective of the project:

The objectives of “Youth4Europe: An ABC to Youth Participation” are:

  • To promote youth participation on local, national and international level in the participating countries
  • To give to 50 young people the opportunity to get theoretical and practical knowledge, concrete methodology, advice and coaching necessary for becoming promoters of youth participation
  • To give to many young people from the local community the possibility to participate in a local youth forum, discuss their problems and issues with local decision-makers and thus promote youth participation
  • To involve local decision-makers in the whole process through participation in the youth forums and support for young people's participation activities
  • To bring together motivated young people who want to do something for their community and orientate their energy, motivation and skills towards youth participation
  • To valorise the resources and know-how in the field of youth participation collected within the Wip and Partner organization and disseminate it to young people and other youth organisations
  • To encourage young people to create concrete youth participation initiatives and projects (e.g. local youth parliaments, youth forums, their own NGOs, volunteering activities, participation projects in co-operation with the municipality, region, department, etc.) after the period of the project
  • To increase the visibility of the concept of youth participation and of the Youth in Action programme as a concrete tools to enhance participation

Our aim is to integrate active young people from 18 to 25 years old with volunteer spirit. The project should promote participation and active lifestyle among young people. The 50 young participants will be in a way “participation ambassadors” - they will be multipliers of this attitude among other young people. We will put great emphasis on selecting the right young people.

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