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Young people are the power of the Europe and it is more and more visible. New opportunities in mobility, education, training are more accessible what from one side bring new dimension to youth life but also brings new threats. New generation is often unaware of their rights and duties what bothers them in conscious use of possibilities.

This section presents all the important youth issues connected with new opportunities to make young people more aware about chances and threats bringing by Europe.

Animation le Mercredi 28 novembre au Centre Pompidou-Metz

savepic1En l’honneur de la remise du prix Sakharov 2012, Together s’est associée au Pompidou Metz pour animer un jeu intitulé  « Le Parlement européen en 3 dés » avec une classe Franco-Allemande de jeunes collégiens. Engagée depuis sa création pour la formation pour tous, l’association aujourd’hui internationale appuie toutes ces initiatives d’envergure européenne.

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L'Europe expliquée aux lycéens de Rombas

rombas1Ce samedi 21 mai, les associations Together et Jeunes Européens sont intervenues au lycée Julie Daubié de Rombas pour présenter l’Europe et les nombreuses opportunités de mobilité qui s’offrent aux jeunes de 18 à 30 ans.

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Together Sakharov Price

sakharovpriceFrom 14.11. - 28.11.12 the Centre Pompidou in Metz, France hosts a temporary exhibiton of the Sakharov Price. The Sakharov Price for the freedom of thoughts is given by the European Parliament every year since 1988. The first winner was Nelson Mandela.

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Young Europeans from Together met with Czech deputy Viktor Paggio

cz56cz57Twenty-four young people from 6 European countries discussed with Viktor Paggio, a Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, about his perspectives on current European affairs.

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Séminaire international sur la musique

Le 12.10.12 le prochain projet international dans le cadre du
programme Grundtvig organisé par Together France commence. Quatre
différents pays, la Turquie, l'Espagne, la France et l'Allemagne,
participeront à ces 5 jours sur le thème de la musique. Du musicien
professionnel à l'amateur de musique, les participants ont tous un
parcours différent, la musique est la seule chose qui les rassemble.
Il sera intéressant d'entendre le résultat de ce mélange passionnant:

"La réalisation finale"
Mardi, 16.10.12,
1 rue Notre-Dame, 54330 Saxon-Sion, France

Vous êtes invités !"

Together is celebrating Day of Europe

europeday9th of May, well known as a Day of Europe every year plays more and more important role and is more and more celebrated. This year, Together in cooperation with city of Metz celebrated Day of Europe and ipso facto joined to Europe-wide events.

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International Seminar about Music

On the 12.10.12 the next international project in the frames of the Grundtvig program organised by Together France starts. Four different countries, Turkey, Spain, France and Germany, will participate in this 5 days around the subject music. From the professional musician to the music lover the participants will all have a different backround, just the music is the thing which puts them together. So it will be fascinating to hear the result of this exciting mix:

"The final realisation"
Tuesday, 16.10.12,
in 1 Rue Notre Dame, 54330 Saxon-Sion, France

You are invited!"

Cliquez pour une version Française

Motion Multilinguisme/SVE à Metz

 Par Nathalie de Oliveira*

« L’Europe ne se fera pas d’un coup, ni dans une construction d’ensemble. Elle se fera par des réalisations concrètes créant d’abord une solidarité de fait ». Cet extrait de la Déclaration de Robert Schuman, un fils de Metz, communément baptisée la Déclaration du 9 mai 1950 nous fait dire que nous y sommes. Enfin, l’Europe, de petits pas en petits pas, de projets concrets, un par un, et l’Europe se fait. L’année 2011 fêtera le bénévolat et le volontariat partout en Europe. Metz aussi ! Dans ce cadre, le Projet Multilinguisme/S.V.E. sera donc, en l’occurrence, un de ces petits pas.

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Participation au Village associatif le samedi 29-09-2012


Dans le cadre de l’événement « Etudiant dans ma ville », Together était présente pour le village associatif Place de la République de 13h à 19h.

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Youth4 Europe: An ABC to Youth Participation

eu-2This project brings together participant from France, Portugal, Malta, Italy and will give the chance to almost 50 young people to participate in a complex and coherent self-development programme and become “participation ambassadors”.

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Etudiant dans ma ville

DSC02334In order to welcome the new students of the university of Metz and to make their start in the city easier, the Municipality of Metz organised a week of events under the  name « Etudiant dans ma ville » (“A Student in my City”). The highlight was the big parade of the student organisations walking through the city center and the market if

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We are Europeans in Metz

weareeuro30th of April European bus making 17 days long tour accros the continent made a stop in Metz in Scy – Chazelles. Together was here to meet with the group of young people taking part in a project We are Europeans.

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Czech – German Youth Meeting

IMG_2090The 7th Czech-German youth meeting will take place 18.-20. November 2011 in Bayreuth, Bavaria. This project is organized by the Coordination Centre of Czech-German Youth Exchange TANDEM. The topic of this year’s conference is volunteering. Workshops that the meeting will offer will deal with forms of volunteering and non-formal education mainly from the perspective of Czech-German relations.

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Youth 4 Europe

This project brings together participant from France, Portugal, Malta, Italy and will give the chance to almost 50 young people to participate in a complex and coherent self-development programme and become “participation ambassadors”.

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NGO Market in Prague

neziskovky_2011_patek 103Non-governemnt organizations fair took place from 21th to 24th September in Prague . The fair was organized by the Municipal District Praha 5. Different NGOs had their stalls at Anděl, near the metro station. Together representatives presented activities of the organization and provided people, who were interested in Together, with further information. Passers-by had a chance to learn about the upcoming events such as youth exchange in Oxford,England in November or EVS in Guatemala.

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Let's be Eurocitzens


Sazava, 21 April 2011 - Altogether 24 young people from 6 countries of Europe came to the town of Sazava in the Czech Republic to discuss about what Europe and European citizenship means to them. During 5-days seminars, they will get to know more about the functioning of the European Union and what role young people can play in the whole process.

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Symposium on Youth Policy in Odessa

img_0010TOGETHER organisation was honoured to be invited to a joint event of the Council of Europe and European Commission - a Symposium on Youth Policy in Eastern Europe and Caucasus 14 - 15 July 2011. Anna Roganova due to her knowledge of Russian represented the organisation at international level and contributed to this high-level summit with the good practices of youth work developed within TOGETHER network.

Together in the Expert Group on the Mobility


"Together" took part on 23rd of March in the Expert Group on the Mobility of Young Volunteers in Prague, Czech Republic. The expert group was created under the Council Recommendation on the Mobility of Young Volunteers across the EU that was adopted in 2009 under French Presidency.

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Les artistes urbains à Metz

urban2Du 27 au 7 Juin 2011, 35 jeunes européens venus de 7 pays différents (Italie, République Tchèque, Angleterre, Pologne, Estonie et France) sont réunis dans le cadre d’un échange de jeunes « Urban Art III, Keep Thinking » organisé par l’association Together sur le thème de l’art urbain à Metz. L’occasion pour ces jeunes européens de partager, d’apprendre sur les techniques du graffiti, du design assisté par ordinateur, des techniques de documentation, etc.

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What it is youth participation?


European institutions and organisations responsible for youth policy have on several occasions emphasised the importance of youth participation to foster young people’s active citizenship, their social inclusion and their contribution to the development of democracy.

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Think Global
Act Local

JA Teline IVYouth project in Latin America

Be IN Campaign

European Youth Information Campaign

International Youth
Cooperation For Sustainability

Euro-African Youth Project

EVS in Guatemala

Young volunteers in Guatemala

Youth Voice

International youth meeting