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7th meeting of the Expert Group – building the Volunteering Platform


Initiated by the European Commission with the support of all Member States, the 7th meeting of the Expert Group on the Mobility of Young Volunteers across EU took place on 8th May 2012 this time in Germany, in Berlin.

The main topic for the discussion of this meeting was the creation of the new European Volunteering Platform that would give a chance for the volunteering organisations all over Europe promote their national, as well as cross-boarder volunteering opportunities, and for young people it would become a great help in finding a suitable project.

The way this unique Platform would look like is still hard to tell, and the discussions regarding what we expect from the Platform and which functions it should fulfill to become “ideal” and “all-mighty”, would carry on.Anyone whofeels interest to contribute to the development of the Platform with the ideas and expectations from it, is very welcome to send the feedback to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING , and through “TOGETHER” organization that makes part of this working group, we will make your voic

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