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An Incredible Experience - EVS

What i lived there was just AWESOME, INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVEABLE. I cannot found good words to describe this experience, but i am going to try as much as I can : First,  It was just such a great opportunity to know myself better, to discover a new country (and not touristical things) and to meet people from all around the world (around maybe 20 different countries)! Every day,

but when i say every day, it is really like EVERY day, I was so happy to be there ! Just happy to be with such a great people, just happy to work for them, happy to share feelings, merely : happy to live !
Live in a place where people are so friendly, respectful, generous, open-minded, warmhearted and where tolerance, justice, confidence and integrity were (almost) everywhere ! It was really like an utopian world. For sure, there were some troubles, some problems and it is not true that everyone liked to live all together and liked each other, but for me and I think that I am one of the luckiest person, everybody was SO NICE with me ! I just saw the best part of each people, and the best side of World Wide Friend’s organisation which is just a amazing organisation ! I really mean it, because i know that i will come-back there =).

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