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8 Polish volunteers in France


Our adventure began in bus from Poland to France,when everybody have met. We were talking about our expectations ,everyone had diffrent one, but all were curious about our EVS. 

When we arrived in Arry,we met our coordinator Marina from Macedonia and Thibaut, who was taking care about us in the center. They took us around to see the center and told us what we will do through this month.

The main task in our eco-project was preparing the surroundings and the environment for the children. We were working in the garden, we were preparing various activities, which organizes the leisure time for the children, such as preparation flags from diffrent countries using materials from the garden, the presentation of our country, egg decoration, dancing, baking cookies.

In our free time we were visiting diffrent cities, like Metz, Nancy, Luxemburg and Paris. We liked it a lot, because we could interact with French people and their culture. We also had the opportunity to meet other volunteers. By spending time with them we could improve our English and French language. We went to Villerupt and Amneville,where we were promoting our organistion TOGETHER.Thanks to this experience we are more self-confident and open-minded. We had opportunity to get to know many French customs and habits, which are very different from ours. Sometimes we were surprised or embarrassed, starting from baguettes with cheese for every lunch and ending with the two kisses in greeting. After this month, French culture is not strange for us, we started to like some of them. 

Easter holidays we spent in Paris. It was a great surprise for us, we were very excited, and it was amazing end of our project.


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