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Being volunteer in France

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There is 13 millions volunteers in France - it means almost 30% of the population above 15 years old. How it is possible?

Of course these numbers are about all people doing voluntary work, not only young people withing framework of Youth in Action programme or Service Civique. So, it means all unpaid work for the local communities, associations, organizations...

Research are showing that an average volunteer spend 2,5 hours per week, if it is a woman it helps mainly in the areas such as education, humanitarian aid, activities for the religion communities and if it a men is mainly focused on  the activities connected with sport, culture and free time and doing all this work just because he want to bring some help and support to the people in need.

But all these is about statistics. Each of the volunteer has different motivation, is in different age and sacriface more or less time for others.

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