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There is more than 100 millions of the Europeans who are engaged in various form of the volunteering. The most important message that volunteering spreads across the people is that you don’t need to give much time and energy to make a difference. We believe that non-profit activities bring new dimension to the life and are important in civic society’s development.

If you are interested in volunteering in Europe this page is for you. You can find here various volunteering offers from Together and our partner organizations.

Together Time

526763_409897725748855_124532900_nNGO ,,Together Macedonia`` started with new project ,,Together time``. Local and international volunteers maintained workshops in student home ,,Mirka Ginova`` - Bitola, three times per week, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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8 Polish volunteers in France


Our adventure began in bus from Poland to France,when everybody have met. We were talking about our expectations ,everyone had diffrent one, but all were curious about our EVS. 

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Ma rencontre avec les Chinois venus à Metz

al2Alex et Nina sont deux Chinois venus à Arry pour travailler avec Together et l’association Famille de France.

Alex a aussi participé au séminaire de clôture de la campagne Be In et m’a posé

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Call for Volunteers - Together Sailing Ambassador


Together and a network of 23 European organizations is organizing a European youth information campaign “Be In”. This European-wide campaign promotes European citizenship and youth participation and aims to reach 40 000 young people during 2011 and 2012.

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Training Service Civique

rollstuhlbasketball-berlin-brandenburg-suedafrika-01For two days, we participated in a training for Service Civique volunteers.

The topic was the life of disabled people concerning integration, accessability and sports.

We started with a presentation of different sports disabled people can do and we never thought it would be such a wide range of activities. It was amazing to watch a basketball game full of speed, strength and flexibilty, besides the players were all in wheelchairs.

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Service Civique - is it for me?


Service Civique it is a voluntary process specifically designed for young people between the ages of 16 and 25.

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7th meeting of the Expert Group – building the Volunteering Platform


Initiated by the European Commission with the support of all Member States, the 7th meeting of the Expert Group on the Mobility of Young Volunteers across EU took place on 8th May 2012 this time in Germany, in Berlin.

The main topic for the discussion of this meeting was the creation of the new European Volunteering Platform that would give a chance for the volunteering organisations all over Europe promote their national, as well as cross-boarder volunteering opportunities, and for young people it would become a great help in finding a suitable project.

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Being volunteer in France

Sample image

There is 13 millions volunteers in France - it means almost 30% of the population above 15 years old. How it is possible?

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An Incredible Experience - EVS

What i lived there was just AWESOME, INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVEABLE. I cannot found good words to describe this experience, but i am going to try as much as I can : First,  It was just such a great opportunity to know myself better, to discover a new country (and not touristical things) and to meet people from all around the world (around maybe 20 different countries)! Every day,

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How to become European Volunteer?


TOGETHER plays a role of sending orgnization as well. There is various number volunteers which went abroad with our help.

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Together in Villerupt


8 Volunteers from Poland and one Macedonian coordinator went to Villerupt for two days to promote organization TOGETHER and EVS (European Voluntary Service).

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Think Global
Act Local

JA Teline IVYouth project in Latin America

Be IN Campaign

European Youth Information Campaign

International Youth
Cooperation For Sustainability

Euro-African Youth Project

EVS in Guatemala

Young volunteers in Guatemala

Youth Voice

International youth meeting