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As a short term mobility is recognized all activities taken outside the home environment for the period not longer than one month. It could be youth exchanges, seminars, trainings, summer and winter schools and many others activities. Nowadays Europe offers many opportunities and tools to turn ideas into practice and allow young people to get new experience.

Participation through entrepreneurship

gl-tc12From 25th till 30 of July in Saxon – Sion near Nancy young people from 6 European countries meet to reflect about participation through entrepreneurship.

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Le projet "YEES : l'Échange de Jeune pour le développement durable" rassemblera 30 jeunes de 6 pays européens pour discuter et réfléchir ensemble sur les moyens de protéger l'environnement.


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APV for Keep Thinking - URBAN III

danilFrom 23 - 24 April 2011 in Corny, France was held Advanced Planning Visit for Youth Exchange: Keep thinking… URBAN ART III¨ that will be held in Arry from 27th of May till 07th of June 2011.

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Stand up, Sport up!

sportczStand up, Sport up is the name of the exchange program which took place from June 27 to July 5. Thirty young people came from six EU countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Portugal) to Hustopeče, CZ to discuss issues connected with sports such as racism in sports, using doping, etc.

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Tradition in Arry


In the nowadays Europe it is a necessity to learn how to leave together and to accept different cultures, faith, believes, traditions and to be tolerant and welcoming toward others because is the only way for building a quiet, peaceful and harmonious Europe for the future.

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Youth Exchange in Italy

it-2Think Global, Act Local! is a youth exchange project which will bring together 55 young people from 11 european countries. The project will take place in Novoli from 8 to 14 of June 2011.

The project aims to raise awareness among young people about social sustainable development and respect to our environment as pressing global challenges as well as to promote intercultural dialogue, exchange and co-operation in the field of youth. 

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Youth Voice

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In 2009 Together developed his first big project – international youth conference for youth people from all 27 Member States of the European Union.

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Urban III `Keep Thinking` is a ambitious youth exchange coordinated by Together. The AIM of this exchange is to bring together, young people who engage with and are Urban artist and Urban citizens.

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Break your barriers & Get into your EVS

Break you barriers

The project “Break your barriers” was integrative youth exchange and bring together 30 youth people from 6 different countries and only difference between them was that half of them can’t hear and others can hear.

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Think Global
Act Local

JA Teline IVYouth project in Latin America

Be IN Campaign

European Youth Information Campaign

International Youth
Cooperation For Sustainability

Euro-African Youth Project

EVS in Guatemala

Young volunteers in Guatemala

Youth Voice

International youth meeting