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Together & Europe

Grundtvig Partnership Let´s build Europe together started


25 adults from Turkey, Czech Republic, UK, Slovenia, Italy, France and Luxembourg have gathered together for one week 15 - 20.03 in order to get to know more about the European integration, to discover the functioning of the European Union and to reflect on European citizenship. The project "Let's build Europe together!" is a long-term project financed by the EU programme “Grundtvig” between partner organizations from seven countries. The main aim of the partnership is to promote active citizenship and increase European awareness of adult learners through non-formal education. The project consists of several international meeting in partner countries and the first seminar is taking place here, in Luxembourg.

The seminar uses methods of non-formal education to work about these topics. The adult learners participated in simulation games, interactive workshops and discussions, prepared presentations and listened to expert talks, visited the Festival of Migrants in LuxExpo, as well as the House of Europe.

After the seminar the participants would come back to their home countries and would implement some local activities, based on the experience and knowledge gained during this week in Luxembourg.

The Grundtvig programme is a unique tool that enables the use of non-formal education to raise awareness of adult learners about this theme.

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