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Get the Label of Be In


Any activity taking place until end of September 2012 in any European country can receive the label of the campaign. What does it mean concretely?

  • The label provides recognition to your activity and you will be able to use the logo of the campaign when promoting your activity.
  • Your activity will be promoted through the Be In campaign.
  • Description of your activity will be published at the campaign website
  • You can send us other articles about your activity and its results that will be published as well
  • Your activity will placed in the online calendar of events.
  • Your activity will be in the final compendium of the campaign
  • You will be able to upload videos from your activity to the Be In TV
  • The most interesting activities will also be promoted in the campaign magazine.

BE INvolved

Why should you get involved?

  • Your activity will become part of an ambitious European-wide campaign
  • Your project will gain an international recognition by complying with the Quality Charter of the Be In campaign
  • You will receive promotion for your projects through the campaign (on the campaign website, Internet TV, online calendar, magazine, compendium, etc.)
  • You will be able to join an informal network of organisations and NGOs sharing the same philosophy and establish new partnership

The campaign will enable you to improve your communication strategy with young people

How can you get BE INvolved?

You can be accorded the label of the campaign if your activity complies with the Quality guidelines of the campaign. It must be linked to one of the priorities of the campaign, be targeted at young people and be inclusive (open to young people from different backgrounds).

Quality charter of "BE IN"

Quality guidelines for activities to receive the label of the "BE IN" campaign:

1. In order to achieve the mission of the project, any activity of the campaign shall be based around at least one of “BE IN” above mentioned priorities .

2. Any activity of the campaign shall target young people.

3. Any activity shall be inclusive - open to youth from all different backgrounds - and shall avoid any type of discrimination.

4. The organizers shall make the activity visible and communicate it to young people.

If you interested to BE INvolved

fill in the application form

and send it to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

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