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23 countries + 18 months + 40 000 young people = EUROPEAN TOGETHER

Youth Entrepreneurial Idea

podjetniska-logoThe project "Youth Entrepreneurial Idea" has a clearly defined topic, in which young people through the institution will develop entrepreneurship creativity and contribute to added value for local and wider surroundings. The theme of the project comes from entrepreneurship, which means working to maximize its financial success at risk. It provides young people the exercise of winning factor in the market. The project consists of five parts, which aims to initiate a creative process that would lead also to innovation among young people. The entire project will take eight months.

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Wake Up+

1Let me introduce myself. My name is Polona and I am coming from Slovenia. Main aim of my own WAKE UP+ project organized in the frames of BE IN campaign is to connect innovative technology and nature to upgrade children creativity. Technology is very useful, definitely part of our lives. If children use it in the right way already in their early ages, that is the best decision of every parents which made their child more successful.

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Regional Meeting About The Millennium Goals

b1The ASC Estratos, organized the regional meeting about the millennium goals. On this meeting we were around one hundred and fifty people and we do some activities related with the goals.

In the meeting we had some conferences with experts who know about the different goals. One of these was about the environment, after that conference, we do some activities related with this.

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Youth in Action in Cuenca

c1I am involved on an association called “Estratos” that few time ago started to take part in “Youth in Action” projects. Nowadays we are involved in two of these projects in our town; one of them is called “Yo empleo, tú trabajas” and the other one “Pasaporte europeo”.

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Christmas Solidarity

a1Last Christmas ASC Estratos run a volunteering project in the main mall of Cuenca city. Thanks of this mall cooperation and youth volunteers from ASC Estratos we were from 23rd December to 5th January there.

The principal activity was do handcrafts with people in any age, speacilly with children. Then, everyone who wanted carry on the handcrafts they did, must donate some money (nothing specific) for that.

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Think Global
Act Local

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